Newport - 14 Jul 16

This afternoon I cycled to a small farm pool near Newport. Rather too windy around the pool area for the hoped-for damsel- and dragon-flies but in some sheltered areas and when the sun came out managed a few other insects

A Small Tortoiseshell of course.

A rather worn Ringlet moth.

This is a Meadow Brown butterfly. Males typically show less orange but this is particularly devoid of orange tones in the upper wing.

This shows the underside of this species. Note the single white spot in the black circle on the forewing.

Slightly smaller is the Gatekeeper butterfly but the twin white spots in the black circle on the forewing are diagnostic.

A Green-veined White butterfly.

A male Common Blue Damselfly.

And a mating pair.

This is a plume moth which are hard to identify. It may be 1508 Stenoptilia bipunctidactyla (Twin-spot Plume): on Chamomile with lots of small beetles ssp.

A Greenbottle – exactly what species I cannot determine.

Dig those thick thighs: a male beetle Oedemera nobilis.

These mating beetles are the so-called Bloodsucker beetles (they don’t) Rhagonycha fulva which has no been given the appropriate vernacular name of Hogweed Bonking-beetle. It is indeed Hogweed they are on.
Another peek.

And this one is still looking.

The so-called Marmalade Hoverfly, Episyrphus balteatus.

And another.

This is the hoverfly Eristalis pertinax.

(Ed Wilson)