Australia Tour 1 - 2016


10 - 26 Sep 16

There was a big gap between early September and late October when there were no reports from the lake. This narrative begins to explain why. I undertook back-to-back birding trips to Australia and below are some of the better and / or interesting photos I took on the first of those trips

The selection of these photos is necessarily rather random. I took >7000 photos on the trip. I whittled this down to 3700 when I threw out all the out of focus and generally naff shots. I then produced a ‘best’ list of ‘photos with merit’ which was still too many at almost. A ‘stars’ list, from which this extract of just 200 is culled, was next. But these decisions are essentially ‘of the moment’ and tomorrow I would probably change some of these

The tour started in the Alice Springs area from where we ended up at Uluru before returning to Alice to fly on to Darwin. After several days in the Darwin area we drove on to Arnhemland and then to some Outback around Timber Creek before returning to Darwin

We arrived a day before the formal start of the tour to allow both time to acclimatise and to build in a buffer against any travel delays. As soon as we arrived at our hotel we went out in to the grounds to check out and familiarise ourselves with the local birds that we would tend to overlook on the rest of the trip as we were searching for the specialities of the area

Here are a few images from my travels, with all my images in an Album Here

Brown Falcon

Red-capped Robin

Crimson Chat

Splendid Fairy-wren

Collared Kingfisher

Purple-crowned Fairy-wren


Note: Album Here